Jazzlab III / by Naomi McCarroll-Butler

Good work this week! Here's our handout of the material we covered:

Here are our objectives for next week:

  1. Memorize concert F mixolydian (D mixolydian for alto sax),
  2. Memorize F7 chord/arpeggio (D7 for alto sax),
  3. Practice moving between Bb7 and F7 on top of the playalong below, improvising for two bars on each chord. Try using mixolydian scales changing every two bars based on the chord, then practice using the blues scale over both chords.

Practice along to this playalong:


The Theme - Miles Davis. The majority of this tune uses our two chords.

Rockin' in Rhythm - Duke Ellington Orchestra. The last half of the tune uses the two chords we talked about.