Jazzlab I / by Naomi McCarroll-Butler

Welcome to the Jazzlab page! Homework and extra links for the course will be posted here.

  1. Memorize these three items on your instrument:
    1. Bb mixolydian scale
    2. Bb Blues Scale
    3. Bb7 chord/arpeggio
  2. Make up and memorize one riff using the mixolydian scale and one riff using the blues scale. Remember, simpler is better! It could be as short as two notes.
  3. Your listening homework is to listen to these two tracks. Both use the mixolydian scale really heavily!

This week's track: Freedom Jazz Dance, Eddie Harris. Try playing your Bb scales and chords along to it! The players use lots of Blues Scale in their improvisations.

Additional Listening: Passion Dance, McCoy Tyner. This uses F mixolydian (Bb major scale).

Next week's track: The Kid From Red Bank, The Count Basie Orchestra.