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Spectrum Music Presents: Tales of the Unconscious (Toronto)

  • Knox Presbyterian Church 630 Spadina Avenue Toronto, ON, M5S 2H4 Canada (map)

Prepare for a journey behind the veil of the conscious mind and into the hidden world of the unconscious. Our vehicle: dreams. Why we dream is still one of humanity’s greatest unanswered questions. Nevertheless, people continue mining their nighttime reveries for clues to their inner lives, premonitions, and creative insight.  The Spectrum composers take the latter to the extreme. From nightmares to fantasies of flight, dreams will be turned into whimsical and adventurous new music for classical choir and jazz trio.

"This opportunity with Spectrum is timely; I think many of us would agree that we’re living in a moment of global uncertainty and fear of those who are different than us. Sharing stories that speak across borders to our commonalities as human beings is important now more than ever. I hope this piece of music can engage you, speak to you – and I hope to see you on March 4th."

Produced in partnership with Musicata: Hamilton’s Voices under the direction of Roger Bergs, and featuring a trio of Canada’s leading jazz and improvising musicians,  this ethereal mix of voices and improvisers evokes the limitless depths of our imagination.

more information can be found here.