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Lemniscope Choir @ In Situ Festival

  • Small Arms Inspection Buiding 1352 Lakeshore Road East Toronto Canada (map)

I've written a short little piece of music about taking care of yourself and your loved ones in trying times. It's dedicated to our queer&trans siblings who despite a world that would rather not have them exist, make it through day by day and bloom; badass flowers pushing through the concrete. A testament to the unprecedented joy and tenderness of fleeting, first discoveries of oneself; and the sad beauty of the “endless strength and inconsolable sadness” the world teaches to those who survive it day by day.
My dear friend Mara Nesrallah wrote the loving lyrics and it's inspired by the frankness and truth in the personal essays of Julia Serano.

This amazing 8-piece choir performs the piece in a reverberant vault in Small Arms Society, a centuries-old abandoned arms factory for the In Situ Festival. 10pm on November 8th, 9th and 10th. There will be a huge amount of multimedia art going on: site-specific instalments, dance, skateboarding, music, spoken word.

Robin Dann
Meagan Luchko
Mara Nesrallah (+compositions)
Anh Phung (+flute)
Nathan Martin
Ghislain Aucoin
Joseph Organ (+compositions)
B McCarroll-Butler (+compositions, sax)