Ben is available for lessons on saxophone, clarinet, flute, jazz theory/improvisation and arranging/orchestration. He teaches at North Toronto Institute of Music at 550 Eglinton Ave East.

Ben also does clinics with high school stage bands and jazz combos. Contact Me for rates and hours.

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The Jazzlab Workshop is a new weekly band program at NTIM. Participants will learn how to improvise and play in a group by developing their musical ear, exploring rhythm section groove, learning standard repertoire from the jazz tradition and reading chord symbols. This knowledge is applicable in many styles of modern music beyond jazz, including pop, rock, folk and many other traditions from around the world.

The program takes place weekly on Saturday mornings from 11am-12pm at North Toronto Institute of Music. It is open to all singers and instrumentalists with some experience playing who are 12 years old or above (exceptions will be made for younger students with notable experience). 

As more students join, the price for everyone will go down. Students already studying at NTIM get half off the price of each weekly hour-long workshop. Payments will be made on a monthly basis.

Class of 9 or more students: $25 / hour-long workshop ($12.50 for NTIM students)
Class of less than 9 students: $36.50 / hour-long workshop ($18.25 for NTIM students)


Below are some original handouts demonstrating concepts I use in my teaching - feel free to download and use for your own personal development!


Listening to the great players of your instrument is the best way to get excited and interested in the music that you can make. This pdf includes links to youtube playlists containing great clarinetists, saxophonists, flautists and recorder players from many different genres of music. It also contains links to a handy online metronome and an online musical flashcard game.

This is a document I give to all of my woodwind students regardless of instrument. 


A breakdown of the Blues

The blues is many things: a feeling, a genre, a style of inflection and an essential part of the history of modern music. Originating from Black musicians in the American South during the late 1800's, this form was the foundation of many styles to come, from James Brown to John Coltrane to Elvis Presley to Beyonce.

PDF includes an Eb transcription of Miles Davis' solo on Freddie Freeloader from the seminal album Kind of Blue.


Basic Harmony - Chords: introduction to triads

Triads, the most basic type of chord, are the building blocks of modern Western harmony. Found everywhere from Bach to Bieber, basic knowledge of triads is essential for today's performer, composer and improviser.

PDF includes 2-page text.